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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Wellness Clinic Aesthetics

It has been 5 good months, The Wellness Clinic has been taking great care of my skin & indeed I felt a lot more brave being barefaced.

My skin has been pampered really well by TWC, healthier and much more radiant!
For the past few appointments, I've done a few process:

- Micro Derma abrasion (remove dead skins)
- Sonophoresis (uses a spectula like tool with bright light- increases absorption)
- Extraction (remove oil seeds/pimple/blackheads etc.)
- Derma Electroporation (uses a needle-less 'needle' tool- helps to penetrate the serum deeper into the skin, hydrates & rejuvenate)
- Swiss Cooling Mask

- Dual Yellow Multi Wave Laser (Brightening / Rejuvenate / good for uneven skintone / suppresses inflammations / acne red marks / pigmentation / 'vascular lesions - obvious veins)

Here are the skincare products from TWC that I have using diligently:

- Cleanser
- Toner
- Moisturiser
- Sunscreen Lotion

Thank you The Wellness Clinic for taking good care of my skin! 

Address: #04-09, Camden Medical Centre, 248649
Phone: 6887 3073

Check out their facebook page: 


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

259 CORNER; Fusion Café Bar

Yesterday I went out to have dinner with my BFFs at 259 Corner Café!
Previously I went there before with J & Family to celebrate Mother's Day as well!
I had a great experience there, so here I'm going to share with you guys my experience from yesterday, and snippets of the food we ate!

259 Corner Café is a Fusion Café/Bar where they serve food great home-cooked food, western food, and drinks! 
"Taste the 2 different chicken cuisine when East meets with the West at 259 CORNER."

Love the framed photos on the wall, & the furnishing from old school signage to modern outlook.

We didn't order booze, as I wasn't feeling well, so we drank Snapple and this Grass Jelly Drink that JY said it was good! 
Ohyes, talking about boozes, They have promotion on their beers: 
Sapporo bottled beer, 5x for $30 only
Tiger bottled beer, 5x for $25 only (with purchase of any meal above $50)

So for starters, we have mushroom soup,
who doesn't love a bowl of hot steaming soup?!
This Mushroom soup was sweet and creamy, with a generous portion of mushroom!

Herbs & Spices Chicken wings, their signature dish.
It has a unique taste to it, that I have never tasted before, 
the sauce was still dripping from the skin! and the meat was soft and nice.

Curry Chicken Rice with Bread,
259 Corner's speciality! 
"The curry chicken recipe inherited from owner grandma since 1960s, Grandma learnt the recipe from a Peranakan family."
& this dish was our favourite from the meal we had!
The meat was so soft,
the spice level was just right for me, 
but it was a little spicy for Charm & JY (who doesn't take spicy at all) 
But surprisingly they still eat it, & said it was their favourite!
JY love the bread and curry combination the most!

Seafood Aglio Olio, comes with clams and prawns,
it was a disappointment for this though,
the paste texture was ok, not dry or what, 
but it is not as savoury as the other aglio olio I had elsewhere,
I am a great fan of aglio olio, 
but nope, I did not fancy this dish as much.
but the plus point for this is that the prawn is so nice that Charm ate it all!

So I don't know if I have said this before or not, but I have never liked prawns, 
I'm not allergic to them, I just don't fancy it at all, so I just stayed away from it.
but I really like crayfish and lobsters!
The next dish was a prawn dish, there I would not eat, 
however, when I saw the presentation, and how it's garnished with garlic etc., 
I just feel like taking a bite!
I ate one, & it tasted like crayfish/lobster!
not forgetting the mash potato that Charm fell in love with, 
it was soft & smooth!

Grilled Chicken!
Love the fries, not a big fan of the chicken though, the chicken itself is nice but it was a little bland, but dipping it with the lemon-black pepper-mushroom sauce helped a lot! 
the skin was crispy!

Egg Benedict accompanied with a slice of thick pancake (with cream cheese inside), 
topping it off with slices of smoked salmon & drizzled with yogurt sauce.
Don't know if its all-day breakfast or dessert! haha

Had a great meal at 259 Corner!
Definitely a great hang out 'corner' with friends & family!
Great food and great ambience.

Address: 259 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437047, Singapore 437047
(just behind Tanjong Katong Girls' School)

Monday- Saturday: 12pm - 12am
Sunday: 10am - 9pm

Phone no.: 6247 7877

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Sunday, May 15, 2016


If you have subscribed to my youtube channel you guys would probably seen a haul video I did recently in collaboration with Ezbuy!

Ezbuy, formally know as '65daigou', has recently rebrand themselves to serve their customers like you and me better!
- They are Singapore's 1st and largest one-stop global shopping site
- Ezbuy helps to check and inspect your order before shipping the items back to Singapore
(make sires the seller do not send wrong items)
- Everything is in English
- Friendly & helpful customer service

Prime Membership:
- pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.90
- to enjoy a flat shipping rates of $2.99 ONLY
-for unlimited amount of products, regardless of size & weight.
*you are only able to prime the items through the Prime page

Let me share my experience shopping through ezbuy!
Honestly at first I didn't know what Prime was, so I just went ahead to do my normal shopping on taobao via Ezbuy, but then I can't really get the 'Prime' to work.
Only after that when I asked, then I realise that I was only able to use my Prime Membership only on the Prime page.
At first I was really upset, because it was really difficult to find the items I want, but I just kept exploring and really the search bar was quite helpful.
So I managed to get a lot of items, and I fell in love the boots when I saw it, I knew I needed to get it. but shoes are usually very expensive because of the weight and all, and sometimes you would also have to request for them to send it over without the shoe box (for lighter weight, and did not need to pay extra for the shipping fee), & in the end, when you receive your shoes (w/o the shoebox) it will either be 'disfigured', there will have scratches, or all the movement/tension might cause the shoe to spoil. So me really wanting the boots to come in its best form, I didn't request to remove the box!
*AND GUESS WHAT! The shipping fee of 20clothings & 1 pair of booties was only $2.99!

Here is my haul video if you've yet to watch it! (:

If you're a new user to ezbuy, sign up for free and get $10 shopping credit by clicking here!

Link of the items I bought:
Grey Cotton Hoodie Sweater:
Lips Phonecase:
Mirror Phonecase:
Inspired ASSC Cap:
Black Turtleneck Top:
Black Halter Top:
Asymmetrical Pleather Skirt:
Black/White denim HW Shorts:
Grey Checkers pants:
Black Culotte:
White Bomber Jacket:
Black Bomber Jacket:
Grey Wool Sweater:
Black/khaki brown spag top:

- Black Pleated Midi Skirt
- White Plain Top
- Black Pleather Skirt with slit
- Grey Miniskirt with pockets & Zip
- Bodycon Midi Skirt
- Apricot Dress