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Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Valentines Day is coming.. & not sure what to get?

If you're a nature-lover, you will definitely love this! 

FOXIDEA is a Korea-based company that offers creative hand-made products at affordable prices to everyone all around the world...
FOXIDEA believes that such tiny yet creative ideas will be able to change the world, 
making the world a happier place to live in..
Get ready to meet over 10,000 brilliant designs over at their site!

Christine from Disegno, the lady behind these beautiful cases made it so out-of-the-ordinary by utilising real dry flowers to create such an artistic yet nature-friendly designs..

Spring - Spirits of Nature collection:
The Disegno Pressed Real Dry Flowers are covered with a transparent glass-like clear resin, & this shows the different layer of the design, bringing out the 3D effect of the casing..

There are a total of 16 unique designs, each case has its own name from the 'Spirits of Nature', how cool it that?? 
So if you can't decide on what designs to go for, try making your decision by looking through their names, & check out what suit you best!


The flowers are specially hand-picked and put together by Christine & a few skilled artisans making it extra special.. 
*P.s not many people can be so crafty to create such intricate work alright...

Athron, Riliance

Since its real flowers, & the flowers grow differently in shape, size & colour..
There will be no 2 casings that will look identical.. & that's the beauty of these phone cases.



It will definitely be a great gift to give your family and friends!
It's available for iPhone 5 to iPhone 7+!

You can order your phonecases from their website:

FOXIDEA not only offers these beautiful cases, they also carry creative products or should I say awesome inventions to make your life more interesting!
Do check them out! 


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