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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Short Getaway That I Will Remember

yesterday i went on a mini getaway with my boy & his famz!
i actually had a very good time eating all the good food & spend time with them (:
& it has been a really long time since i left the country, so msia is good enough for me.
his dad came to fetch me & off we go!
it's the weekend, so there was a very bad jam.
but we managed to go over within like 2 hours.

so again, my #ootd of ytd!

brough Lilo along (:

Photo from carine!

 First stop: Bak Kut Teh for breakfast/lunch!
i personally prefer Singapore's one better, more tea taste!
but the meat is really nice there

after eating, we went to his dad's friend's place to sit
& we all fell asleep except for Carine i guess!
we were so tired!
after that, we went to eat something else.. yumyumz

my boy <3

NOT JUST 1, NOT 2...
BUT 3!
only 4 of us ate it, so its a lot!

#classic , his dad's face

group shot again!

Carine & Daniel

ohya, they got coconut for themselves!
but i didnt. not a fan of it!

i was just thinking whether should i post this housefly after showing all this food.
but check out how clear it turned out in my camera.

his dad told us that we can go walk around first & then he will come & pick us up at 5
so... off we go shopping!!
end up only Carine & myself bought stuff while the boys left empty handed.
they were so unhappy cos there weren't much of guy's shop there!
so i bought a skirt that was rather ex, but i really can't leave that LAST PIECE there without bring home with me!
so credits to Carine, i manage to get it at 4RM lesser than the original price.
& thanks bby for paying it for me first cos i didnt had RM$ with me!
it was 5+ already & we had to leave

On the way to his dad's place!

i want to go explore the place, so...

we went here to have our dinner!


& this is not all!

there's still crab & fish omg..

i brought Lilo to this road trip & i bet she loves it (:

OKOK no more pictures from here onwards!
after dinz, we went back to his dad's place again to rest
& 4 of us squeezed in the back seat of Keith's car
all the way home(sg)!
& it was very late already, i reached home at 3+
super long day!
thanks Charlene & Keith for the ride home!
but really enjoyed it (:
thanks Ng Family <3

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