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Thursday, June 27, 2013

[Ad] Kitty Kon

It's summer!
& it's time for us to get some swimsuit or summer dress to prep us for the new season!
although there isn't a real season in Singapore, 
but still can get some cute outfits for the time of the year!
thinking of where to get cute swimsuits & summer dresses? 
Look no further!

Kitty kon have pretty swimsuit/bikini & cute dresses for summer!

this is my personal favourite! 

check out the different types of bikini they are selling!

& guess what!?! THAT'S NOT ALL!
I think this is only like 5% of what they are selling!
They sell a very huge range of apparels & a lot more!
from head to toe! they have headwear, bags, tops, bottom, shoes, etc..
oh wait! they's also sell.... go find out yourself :P
& everything are at affordable prices!

this is one cap that i fell in love when i saw at their shop

in the past, i bought my lariche hairdye from Kittykon, 
& i have to say i'm very impress with the service/attitude/delivery i received form the owner.

Follow them on Instagram @Kittykon to receive updates on new items!
ohyes! they are currently having a giveaway!

so, hmmm.. ok, i wont hold you back.
go & shop away~~~~
happy shopping my lovely readers (:

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