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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How I Style: Bandage Skirts

back on my second post of this series,
& today will be on Bandage Skirts.

in the past, i've received many questions on how i would style a bandage skirt so here we go!
as usual, i kept my accessories minimum. 

-statement necklace (Cotton On)
-black bandage skirt (H&M)
-floral bandage skirt (FEP)
-white bandage skirt (CityPlaza)

Peplum makes everything look more formal:
firstly i wore the peplum top with a black bandage skirt, it looks very bored, very 'mehhh'

when you dress it with something more colourful like this floral bandage piece that im wearing, 
it looks more fun/vibrant!
TIP101: try to mix plain/basic piece with fun patterns/colours!

Back to Basics:
same logic at the 1st one, this is more monotone-ish, good look for a monochrome day,
the goldchain necklace add life to the whole outfit!
TIP101: if your outfit is very plain, try adding funky accessories!

to accessorise it abit more, add an outerwear!
FUNFACT: An outerwear actually make an outfit look more 'put tgt'


dont want to wear it cos the weather is too hot?
tie it around your waist!
this acts as an accessory as well!

same logic, plain + patterns~

nope, i look so plain/boring here, 
i'm missing something..

here we go, adding outerwear again!
this time, an oversized vest, 
look so much more professional than the previous one.

i'm also matching it with a white bandage skirt, to bring out the whole monochrome look.

c'mon, dont tell me you dont know that bandage skirt can be worn as a tube top?
so here, i'm wear my floral bandage skirt aka my floral tube top!
matching it with a HW jeans.

Double it:
can you tell i'm wearing 2 bandage skirts?
or should i say one up & one down?
if you think u're showing too much skin, just wear an outerwear over it!.

That's all for my how i style: bandage skirts
i hope some of the way i would dress help some of you!
do let me know what i should style next 


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