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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How I Style: Crop Top

Hi Sugars,
Today on How I Style will be on Crop Tops.

Crop Tops comes in many different styles/kinds/forms.
Basically Croptops are just tops that are shorter than the 'normal' length.

-Black Beanie (Cotton On)
-Round sunnies (Talismans)
-Surpreme Cap (Instashop: Kittykon)

Crop Tops:
-White Turtle Neck Crop (New Look)
-Grey Tank Scallop Crop top (BKK)
-Polka Dot Fitting Crop top (New Look)
-Comic Loose Crop top (H&M)

White Turtle Neck Crop

so here, i start of with a turtleneck Crop top,
i dont know why but i like how white & light denim are matched tgt!

denim skaters skirt - blogshop

here again, White & light denim!
here, i matched with a boyfriend jeans,
there's actually this 'style' that is like when the top or bottom is tight, 
the opposite one have to be loose/flowy/etc.
so here, my top is fitting, so i have my bottom loose.

boyfriend jeans- BKK

White on white is a very sleek look.

Zara skorts - Instashop

if you think the previous look is very boring?
just tie a flannel across your waist like how i have done is the past few post!

Zara skort- Instashop
Flannel- Dad's

Grey Tank Scallop Crop Top
next im wearing this grey scallop crop tank.
i feel that the skorts can easily match with any top & making it look presentable instantly!

Zara skorts- Instashop

different shades of grey!
for a more formal events try longer skirts

Midi slit skirt- BKK

a casual look for town~

jeans- BKK

Polka Dot Fitting Crop Top

i'm not really a fan of 'tight & tight' but, 
you can never go wrong with a hw jeans with any crop top!

Jeans- BKK

as i mentioned, i'm not a fan of "tight & tight",
so instead of just having a fitting bandage skirt, i decided to add flannel across my waist, 
so i wont look so... i dont know how to describe!

Bandage skirt- H&M
Flannel- Dad's

love how slack & casual this is, so comfortable!

shiny comfy shorts- BKK
Flannel- Dad's

Comic loose crop top
like i said, you can never go wrong with hw jeans with crops!

Jeans- BKK

see how the 'theory' of the loose & tight thing come about here,
loose top, & fitting bottom!

Bandage Skirt- H&M

just my 'playful' look, with a cap that matches with the top!
& the trusty old  high waist shorts in action.

Black HWS- Bugis Street

to dress up the very casual look, throw in a 'statement' outerwear!
'show lesser skin' more presentable!

Black HWS- Bugis Street
Denim Jacket- BKK

time to chill? dress down slightly by tying around the waist again!

Black HWS- Bugis Street
Denim Jacket- BKK


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