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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Aurelia's 21st

Aurelia just turned 21!
Happy birthday gorgeous~
2 weeks back, Aurelia invited us to her birthday party,
 i'm so happy she invited us (:

in the late afternoon, 
met up with alicia & grace to buy bday present for birthday girl & had dinner before heading to equarius hotel where the birthday was held at!

we had a lot of fun, & of cos she herself had the time of her life too i guess! (:
the theme was "old hollywood glam"
but ohwell,  we girls just dressed in white (marilyn monroe)

qt pie with her Kdrama bangs! 

her cake & desserts were beautiful!
(& yummy!)
the whole night, i kept eating all these sweet treats, 
had diabetes that night. (':

half of MT girls!

us being playful,
ahhh this is soooo cute!

what are girls without toilet camwhore?
the toilet was huge.. 

we played games for like a few hours..

love gatherings like this, get to know the girls better too!
can't wait for more gatherings in the future!!


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