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Monday, April 28, 2014


decided to have a specific tag to my blog for my ootds starting today!
so it's easier to look thru my ootds!

&i'll have another post on my updates etc.


Box-y Top- @Lalalandsg
Black HWS- Bugis Street
Flannel- BKK
Chunky Necklace- Taobao
Bag- Taobao
Buckle Bootie Flatforms- H&M

Flannel- BKK// Bro's
Lace Shorts- Taobao
Knee High Socks- H&M
Buckled Bootie Flatforms- H&M
Bag- Taobao

'99' Mesh Jersey Top- Taobao
Black HW Shorts- Bugis Street
Grey Outerwear- Instashop
Silver Chain Necklace- BKK//Charm

Maroon Lace Crop top- Topshop//Xian
HW Jeans- City Plaza
Chunky Necklace- Taobao
Buckled Bootie Flatforms- H&M

Criss-Cross Top- @Lalalandsg
Boyfriend Jeans- Thrifted
Chunky Necklace- Taobao
Bag- BKK
Buckled Bootie Flatforms- H&M

Buckled Top- @Lalalandsg
Mermaid Skorts- BKK
Chunky Necklace- Taobao
Bag- BKK
Loafers- ASOS//New Look


as you can see, i'm really in love with my "Buckled Bootie Flatforms"!!
when i saw the shoes, it was love at first sight! 
*i only bought it the second time i saw it! :P
*first time i didn't had the money & second time it was the last piece.


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