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Saturday, April 19, 2014

no more fooling around.

this is my last week of.. "slacking" ,  & the week is almost up!
left with friggin' 2 days, & i'm back to rushing assignments all day, everyday.
Year 2, heavier load, bigger responsibility.
sigh, what effs. 

Last Wednesday,
stayed home & baked some brownies!
& for the very first time, my mum actually praised my brownies!
(she never ever praise my sis or me for our bakings!!)

date out with Alicia & Grace!

Spaghetti white top- Gift from Xian, TOPSHOP
Black HW Shorts- Bugis Street
Denim Outerwear- Dad's
Smiley bag- Bkk
Necklaces- H&M

we had our dinz @ chinatown!

have you watched our Vlog??

Date out with my BFFs!
black top- flea
shorts- bkk
denim jacket- bkk
sandals- asos x newlook
chain necklace- cotton on
bag- H&M

 we had lunch @ Ichiban sushi!
(i hate their sashimi, so... NOT NICE)

 After that, we had ice-cream treat from Charm!!

we watch Divergent, & i LOVE the movie, ALOT.

 after that, we had our late dinner @ Strictly Pancakes!

we liked their fries!
it was long. wts.. haha

i had a flea booth down at Flea Party @ Lucky Plaza!
& got JY to accompany me! (thanks bby!)
met up with nic there too! <3

really want to thank forfleasake for inviting me down!
& thank the girls (nic & jy for accompanying me, especially jy!!)
i cleared most all of whatever i've brought!
left like a few piece, happy girl is me! (:

after that, jy & i walked to scape for dinner @ astons!

she's so happy cos i treat her. hmmm.. :*
(thanks bby again for pei-ing me & also help me carry my stuff from time to time! <3)

Sunday, had dinner at IKOI Japanese Restaurant with boss,
great catch up & great food!
(thanks for the treat! hehe)

Impromptu drinking session with the guys after that!

had appt at Browhaus & did the Browgraphy treatment!
had my solid black brows lightened to fit my hair colour!

first they 'dyed' my brows
& then thread away all my unwanted hair on my brow area!
really like to thank Browhaus for the complimentary treatment!
you guys should head down to try in cos it's like only $40?

after that, i head over to Jac's place for dinner (yes, she home cooked it! great housewife)

ladies night!

when we reached, 
jo & i got hungry & had kebab!

Thursday, Jac & i still had to work, we were like the walking dead. 

after work, we had dinz @ HKCafe

midi dress- Sister's
chiffon outerwear- Sister's
bag- Bugis street
Necklaces- H&M
loafers- ASOS x Newlook

met up with Alicia & Grace to do our nails!
flannel- bkk
chain necklace- cotton on
lace shorts- taobao
cap- gift from XR, HATERS 
sandals- Asos
Bag- H&M

coincidence- Cap day!

new video up!!
enjoy! :*


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