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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beach . Booze . Babes

one fine beautiful monday.
met up with some of the MT girls for some chilling time together!

Mambo Beach Club~
Everything was so beautiful!
I heard from the girls that it went under renovation,
& now the deco is so pretty!
you can never go wrong with tiffany blue!

(mmhmm, using the straw hat to cover my fats :P)

with Lindsay!

Lindsay & Alicia!


kept telling them i look like their mum HAH! (':

Left to Right: Alicia, Parisa, Amanda, Lindsay, Me!

interested t know where my shades are from?
stay tune to the next post! (:

after chilling/swimming with the girls,
we went back to vivo & met up with Chrysan! (:

enjoyed my day with them!
more outing with the rest please! <3

vlog from Parisa's youtube channel!

Btw, advertorial/modelling rates have been revised!
email me for the rates (:


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