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Thursday, July 3, 2014


sigh, school finally started..
so random pictures/updates!!
(more picture, less words)

went back to secondary school for band's POP/bbq!

have you watched my TMI tag video? (:

& the first episode of FFS New Face ft. the contestants!

love this cute log necklace that my baby peanut made!

got featured on AFStreetstyle's website!
go check 'em out!
loving the shades from Statementmuse c/o space invasion!
have you check out the previous post on these?

met up with my babies like finally! 
2 weeks of holiday & i only get to see them once?! 
so disappointing ):
went to Strangers Reunion with Charm (will do a post on it soon!)

& salted caramel after that!

went out with my squeegee girls to nom nom!
(jolyn is missing)

couple shoes with jacq!

peanut love <3

when the clock strikes 12am, 
wished jacq happy birthday! (:
yey i'm the first!

the next day was jacq's bday & i surprised her at her place 
(was at her place cos she asked me to baked brownies for her bday celebration the next day!)

Jacq's 21st bday!
dresscode: WHITE

After party for her bday!

random club photos. :P

sigh, was suppose to post this post like few days back,
but, i don't know why, gosh i'm so tired.. 
only slept 2 hours earlier on,
school starts at 9am, & i have to wake up at 7am..
don't know why but i'm feeling pretty down now ):
guess i'm just to tired. 
what effs, 


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