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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Grand Park Hotel x Mooncake x Sauce

Few days back, 
the Mousetrap girls and myself were invited down to Grand Park Hotel for an event!
as seen from the title of this post, yes moon cake!

when we arrived,
the manager sort of explained what the event was about
and what we will be expecting from the event!

we are given like those 'traditional' handheld fan to suit the chinese theme
& also to cool us down from the hot weather!

they actually have this photo corner for people like us to take pictures
(they placed spotlights so the photo will look better, how sweet!)

there's also this champagne that was suppose to be drink tgt with the moon cake!

don't drink champagne?
have some tea!

looks so good!
my favourite is the yam fried ones (with egg yolk)!!

there's also this booth, modern calligraphy!

we started trying out the food at different booths
me being me, the glutton, 
kept eating while some of the girls are like strolling around and taking pictures :P

we had the duck noodles first,
Constance, Ellena & myself went for a 2nd round after finishing it!

some dimsum


they also had this tikamtikam booth!
lucky winner can win prizes such as a night stay at suite/deluxe room in their hotel,
a buffet meal for 2, spa for 2, moon cakes, etc.!

the first time we went, Constance being as lucky as ever, won one of the big prizes 
while Ellena & myself went again & again..
but Ellena was lucky enough to win spa for 2!
luckylucky Alicia won buffet meal for 2!
but how about me? sighpiez. 
it's ok! i had fun playing it! 

went in to the buffet area!
look at those cute and yummy food!

the colours are so pretty!
(too bad i'm not a salad person)

with my pretty girls!






Top- Lalalandsg
Skirt- Bugis Street
Necklace- Flea// Alicia
Buckled Bootie Flatforms- H&M
Clutch- H&M

with the girls <3

Thank you Park Hotel Group for the invite and also for the wonderful hospitality!

After that, we headed down to Sauce to chill~

enjoyed my night with these people <3!


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