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Saturday, September 20, 2014


this post was suppose to be up like last month, but i was too busy with everything happening in my life.
here are some photos to summarise what has been happening the past months!
(this is just a blogpost that is flooded with pictures)

have you watch the MWCP episode of the cooking challenge ft. Brenda, Grace, Parisa & myself?
catch it here


just one of the days when i felt like swimming cos the weather was crazy!

favourite home cooked food by jacq. (but too oily :/)

the other day (in july) when all of us gathered tgt to celebrate Rongrong & Regine's Bday!

my ultimate favourite MA LA XIANG GUO at chinatown!
always enjoying the spiciness with my MT girls <3

had dinner the other day at Brotzeit with the #wolfpack

random outings with them as well!

loveeeee my crazy MT Girls <3
asked them to take a normal picture & they did this after one another. 

with the qt ontaechan!~

the 'cast' of ep 3 of Variety King!
have you watch it????

after shooting for ep 3,
Alicia & myself went for the dinner buffet at the hotel!

not only ep 3!
have you watched ep4 of variety king ft. Mae & Sean from shop6by6??

went to the TBM Flea with JY!

movie date with XR~

always love to meet these girls <3

went to find Jacq & Theo during their work & met up with XR after that!

Selfie game super strongggg

CDS Music!



off to L'oreal event!

boy has been showering me with love when i was having my worst days.

first time cooking for mee!

had Spuds & Aprons for dinner with boy & Terrence!

& other random things we do

random days with my bij <3

zouk & bump into shermaine! <3

boring days in school..

parent's anniversary dinner!

during #keminewedding!
(will be blogging about that too!)


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