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Sunday, September 28, 2014


we headed down to Chatuchak again, 
we ate at the same place we ate the previous day, cos it was so damn good!
their ice tea is good too! very sweet. 

I wouldn't say that he is the 'love of my life', 
because in my life, I have used this phrase on a few other guys in the past. (i was young & stupid) 
So it wouldn't mean no shit to him.

He truly mean a lot to me.
He might not be the ideal guy that I look out for, 
but he has the nicest heart, the cutest smile, the most mesmerising eyes & the warmest hugs.
& thats all I need.

I'm so glad to have him along with me in this trip.
making the whole trip a whole lot memorable.

"walking the streets of Bangkok"
i just took a candid photo of Theo & J's legs & shadows, 
& it actually turned out quite good!

with jacqjacq!

after Chatuchak, 
we went to Union Mall for more shopping!
we wanted to have our dinner at Chinatown, but it rained, 
so we stayed at Union Mall for dinner!

after dinner, we went back to the hotel,
some of them went for massage, while the rest of us slept!

for the past few days, we all didn't manage to wake up in time for breakfast in the hotel,
only on day 4, (when we were suppose to wake up for morning market but we overslept)

& we took too much.. hehe

we were suppose to go to Dream World that J, Jacq & myself were looking forward to.
but the rest didn't want in the end, so.. 
change of plans, & went to Siam Square instead

we went to have our lunch at this place that i have no idea which mall was it in.
(we just walk aimlessly!)

the cute decor attracted me!

we met up with the rest & went back to Indra Square for more shopping!

After that we went to Chinatown to have Tomyum Steamboat!

after dinner, some of the went back to the hotel, 
& Theo, J & myself went to some shopping at the Palladium Night Market!
we went back to the hotel after that.

yummy macarons bought from Siam Square!

candid picture <3

in our couple outfit!! 

they need help..

we went down again to get some bites,
so they thought of doing smth crazy, & that was to wear bathrobes to go down.. HAH!

After that, we decided to go clubbing. 
& that was a crazy decision cos we had to wake up at 4am+ the next morning for morning market!

DAY 5 (Last Day)
we went Pratunam market in the morning,
but the rest went back to the hotel, 
while i was still shopping, & poor J accompanied me all the way <3

we went back to the hotel & sleep.
we woke up, packed & check out!
but we still had a lot of time before our flight back to SG.
so we went for lunch & more shopping at Platinum mall,

we went to Indra Square to shop AGAIN 
& went for thai massage before we fly back!

after that we went back to our hotel, 
but as a glutton, i was hungry, so i wanted to eat.
we walked around outside the hotel, 
& it suddenly rained.
we rushed into some nearby shelter,
& just nice it was a shelter for some random food store.
so we decided to eat there while waiting for the rain to stop.

Theo had Char Siew Roast Pork Rice

while i had Char Siew noodles,

& i don't know how to put it, but it was the best thing we ate so far that day!
this place is a hidden treasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the noodle tasted so good, & the roast pork was so crunchy/crispy & juicy!!!
it was so good that J order one plate of roast pork. haha!

after that we decided to dabao back for the rest cos it was just so good!
& we went back cos our flight was in 2.5 hours time,

in the van, otw to the Airport..

after checking in our baggage, 
we went to have our dinner at the airport!
some normal chinese food.

the flight got delayed for 30 mins.
but we manage to fly back to SG..

#wolfpacktobkk has ended.
i really hope the trip was longer.. ):

part 2 vlog!

will be uploading my bkk haul soon!


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