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Monday, November 24, 2014

UV Colouring x J7Image

Last week i went to have my hair done at j7image,
& this is how my hair looks like without straightening 
& slept with my hair wet.

& bleached parts faded to really dirty blonde,
sigh i don't know if i should regret bleaching my hair 
or going back to dark when my hair was really white previously.

so i was doing something quite adventurous,
& i'll be doing...
(ultra-violet colouring)
at first i was pretty skeptical about doing it because i googled it, 
& many crazy coloured hair pop up!
like this:                                                                                                                                                            

but i'm not going to do that ah! hahahha
i'm just doing a small part underneath!
so they bleached the left bottom!
(my right side was always the colourful part, so it was alr bleach long time back!)

this is the UV colouring that they used!
(it new!!)
colours: red, orange, green, purple, grey, yellow
& i did red & grey! wanted purple! but it finished! 
(but they restocked the day after i did it, sighzzz)

& the top, they just dyed a normal brown colour for me!

Soo... here it is!
this is under normal light:

& under UV Light:

tadaa! it's quite cool huh?
so imagine if i go to a club (theres UV Lights almost everywhere) i will totally stand out!
i've yet to try it,
but hopefully there won't be any creepy people come talking to me cos of my hair!

this is a photo in the dark with UV light!

So, What do you think of my hair?

this time round there will be a special PROMOTION on this UV COLOURING!

it's from $317

BUT, i'll be giving away $50 off Voucher for this UV Colouring!

how to win the vouchers?

just simply comment on my instagram photo about the UV Colouring-
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giveaway ends on Sunday 30th November 2014.
winners will then be notified through email!

good luck!

Ohyes! & again, if you're going to J7Image to do your hair, 
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