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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cool apps!

Today I'll be sharing with you guys some apps that will be pretty good to have in your phone!

As an Android User,
I have quite a limited amount of apps that I can have in my phone bcos most of the apps created prioritises iOS users, but now its so much better bcos they care for android user like me, but majority of the apps still works better on iOS.

If you're an Android user like me,
here are a few apps you would probably enjoy!

(simply click on the title to download!)

Im always searching for places to eat, especially during late nights.
what I usually do is google "late night bar, restaurants, etc"
& I will end up at hungrygowhere website.
So I ended up downloading this App, for easier search!
It's so much easier to search for places to eat and chill with this app!
just search 'Cafe' & they will give you a whole list of cafes, (nearest to you current location)

Next app is this shopping app that I think most shopaholics/fashionistas need to have!
While looking at pretty items & wanting to buy them, this app offers many items at a lower price! SALES!!!

When I'm on the way to places like school or off to meet friends, I usually take the public transport,
& the best way to kill time/make your bus rides less boring is to have music to accompany you! Right??
This app offers many Playlist, from Pop/R&B/EDM/Indie/Jazz musics to Top/Hot/Billboard Songs that cater to everyone's different taste of music!

I used to play AuditionSea when i was young, but recently I'm not really into computer gaming bcos I'm too busy with School and random stuff, & of cos i became more mature? I don't think so~
But come to think of it, i really miss playing these games. However, I spend most of my time outside rather at home! so I found an app on my phone that allows me to regain my 'childhood'?
Plus Dance Online is a dance game app quite similar to Audition! So I can even play it while I'm in the bus/when I'm out, or even when I just want to laze around!

For iOS users,
there's a really cool app that i would like to share!

Hotel Quickly
This app allows you too book hotels really quick & easy, &&&& AT A AFFORDABLE PRICE!!!
I'm not joking, you guys should try it out, I really like the layout of the app in the sense that everything is clear and easy to understand!


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