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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Krabi #travelwithzeng

My trip to Krabi was great, & I'm going to share with you guys some visuals of my trip to Krabi!

One of the best part about going overseas is being in the plane! Being able to see the beautiful clouds & sometimes if we're lucky, we are able to have an awesome top view of islands and the country!

Our flight got delayed for around 1 hour, that kinda sucked bcos I was doing last minute duty-free shopping before we board the plane that was suppose to leave really soon, so I had to quickly get whatever I needed & not able to look thru before buying it, & this more or less explained why I bought a $47 concealer from a brand that I have never heard of before ): if the concealer works well maybe I wont complain much, but nopee, it dries up my skin *heartpain, 

Once we reached Krabi airport, we drove down & checked in to Anyavee Tubkaek Resort, our home for our Krabi trip!
We booked the Jacuzzi Villa, but ended up getting a free upgrade to the pool access room that was even better! So lucky!

After we settle down, we head down to roam around the beach right infront of the resort! The sand was so awesome, so soft, my feet kinda miss the feel of the sand!!

After that we went to the night market near Aonang beach and have our dinner, gosh that was our first meal there, wish we had eaten more! But who in the comes to Thailand & not eat authentic thai food?!?! 
Bcos we surely did!

Day 2:
Next morning we had our breakfast buffet at the resort! & I've got to say the food was really not bad! 

Bcos we will be going to different island, playing at the beach & snorkeling, I have to make sure my make up doesnt smudge or run! Sooo...

I used Brow Haus new waterproof makeup line! 
Their make up seriously save me from all that drama make up I would have without them.
They have 3 different shades of Eyebrow pencil, 5 eyeliners and a mascara!
Thank you Brow Haus for these goodies!

After our early breakfast, we went off to tour around the different island!

First stop, Hong island, we immediately went for snorkeling! This is my first time snorkeling if I dont count the one at adventure cove! It was a great experience, everyone should try it, next I would love to try scuba diving! 
It was fun until we got bitten by a few crazy sea bugs that kinda hurt ); dont even know what are those!

Next, we went to Hong Lagoon! 

After then we had our lunch at Pakbia Island & we saw one aggressive monkey that literally open the bottle by using his teeth to pierce through it. Scary.. 

Last stop we went to Lading/Paradise Island! They have these awesome swing that J cant stop pushing me, & I almost fly away?!?!
We went snorkeling there ones again & saw even more sea creatures this time round! 
There's even sea urchin! The 'floor' was very slippery, I kept falling haha! I was so scared that I would step on the sea creatures! 

After the tour, we head back to the resort to wash up & went to get some street food for dinner!

Day 3, 
we had breakfast once again~
& my favourite was.. the friggin' chicken porridge! 
I could eat it all day!

We made our way down to the 'legendary hot spring' near Krabi town!
& I have to say that IT IS FRIGGIN' HOT WTF!
obviously not boiling hot, 
but it's so warm that my dry face and hair got wet from all the perspiration.

Check out the 'water droplets' on my face..

After the hot spring, we went over to Emerald pool!

no chlorine no chemical, all natural! 
I seriously don't know how does the pool managed to be 'emerald' colour!
but we really had a lot of fun there!

After washing up and drying ourselves, we went to the Tiger Cave Temple just to see the monkeys bcos it was late already ):

After that we spent our night at a night market at Krabi Town!

Krabi was really an awesome experience!
We flew off the following morning to KL!

we settled down at Berjaya Time Square,
played the indoor theme park! We played the DNA mixer & felt nauseous.. haha
after the theme park, we head back to the hotel to rest before going for dinner at the night market nearby!

it's just the two of us, & this was the amount of food we ordered!!
bcos it's so cheap compared to SG!
me being a very good gf, I plucked/deshelled the crab for J, 
so he doesn't have to dirty his fingers and tackle the crab!

After the very satisfying meal, we really had no space at all for dessert, 
but we really wanted to try the 'roll' ice-cream that we always see on Facebook videos!

J has a habit that he always buys loklok back whenever he's in Msia even though we're mad full!

J being a sweetheart actually bought a drawing of us for me!
but i'm too lazy to take a photo of it now, currently lying on my bed while typing this post! haha
we went back to SG the next day..

Overall I had a blast in Krabi and in KL (even though it's just a day)
really love spending quality time with J that I will not able to do here in SG bcos life is just tough.
& would want to thank J for taking so many photos for me, and trying to make me happy.

I will be posting my OOTDs during my Trip in my next post!
keep a look out!

will be ending this post with a 'trailer video', 
(wanted to do a vlog there, but i didn't have the time to do it ): )
so... here it is!

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