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Friday, July 26, 2013

Dinner with my dearest!

Hello! as stated on my previous post, yeah I went out with my girls for some GOOD FOOD!

so we were craving for Korean/Japanese food, & decided to opt for Korean Cuisine!
this restaurant is located at chinatown,
charm suggested this place cos she thinks its really nice when she went there with xian & her SIM friends!

i met up with charm earlier on cos i ended my class early today,
while jy ended only at 6pm.
Here it is!

there were many televisions in the restaurant showcasing different kpop stars/bands!
&the walls are decorated with different movie posters

they gave us the bill right after we settle down.
bad thing is "why so kanchiong?!?!"
good thing is, we know how much we should eat!
$28.++ per person!

charm & i cant wait to get going & grab all the food!
&then tadaa, jy pop up!

although seoul garden has much more varieties of food (i think)
but, here really have that kind of korean style food!

& finally we were done eating!

really love spending time with them!!
until next time~

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