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Saturday, July 27, 2013

new chapter.

Another week passed again, & here's a new post for y'all!
End of another two modules, 
Textile Fundamentals & Digital Essentials!
& it's over!
next 2 modules will be fashion & visual merchandising,
hopefully it'll be fun (:

grey turtleneck top- Far East Plaza
HW Jeans- cityplaza mall
Studded platform heels- Scape Undergrounf
circle shades- instashop
gold chain necklace- cotton on

Tshirt- bkk (gift from boyf)
denim circle skirt- blogshop
socks- daiso
jelly sandals- instashop
skeleton necklace- scape underground
*was listening to music :P*

floral top- gift from jy & tracy
cream shorts- bkk (gift from boyf) 
maroon outerwear- bro's from bugis street
neon socks- gift from older sis
creepers- instashop
bag- alcoholiday
heartshape shades- talisman's
neon pink necklace- carousell

Maxi-fishtail dress- Cotton On
belt- Talisman's
Studded platform heels- Scape underground
silver reflective bag- H&M
circle shades- Talisman's


White translucent dress/top- gift from G
floral tube-blogshop 
denim circle skirt- blogshop
Dark denim outerwear- bro's from cotton on
socks- daiso
Bag- Alcoholiday
triangular necklace-scape's flea
long leaf/flower necklace- DIY

these are my art piece!
what do you think about it?
Catalog covers - 酸.甜.苦.辣 [Flavours]
Illustrator- Park Sora
'What has the world become?'- "Money Ain't Everything"

went to print our assignments at sunshine plaza & passed by Laselle... so..

it somehow like an excursion, we srsly perspire a lot!

love how thick my eyebrow was that day!!
with rong2!

love the design of the back of this dress!

Korean BBQ with my bffs, 
check out my previous post if u hvnt!

Movie date, The Wolverine!

coincidental outfit with jy!
i look lika giant ):

will be spending three of my weekends working/ earn money for my upcoming bkk trip!

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