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Friday, August 2, 2013


hey sugar pies!

so there's this field trip i went with my class yesterday for visual merchandising,
woke up super early, ermm, maybe not very early, 7am!
supposingly to report at 8.30am at town,
but me, being always late, i left house at 8.30am & reached at around 9+!
*had a massive badhairday
& we were suppose to look at how the displays are being place & blahblahblah~
However, many of us aren't listening, & all we did was take picture, camwhore.
*girls will always be girls

Thought that this board was super cool!

After the field trip, we went to 313's foodrepublic to have our brunch,
but there were srsly limited food cos its like only 10.45am
& after that it was SHOPPING TIME!!!

leather jacket goes well with srsly anything!

 dress up time!
the last picture at the right bottom, was trying to achieve the kpop style, but failed...

We mainly shopped at H&M & ZARA!
favourite Fast Fashion Stores!
while waiting for the little angels to settle their bill...

thats all folks!
i'll be posting my collective haul video (June hols until now) on the next post!
so do follow me on TWITTER & INSTAGRAM @cheriezeng for updates!


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