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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pain is only relevant if it still hurts- Ed Sheeran

This week was a horrible school week.
I didnt really enjoy lessons,
maybe because of the assignments.
Have been reallyreally upset & very stress about the due dates of the assignments,
& currently im still rushing my work..
Ohya, im blogging this post at work now!
I doubt that im allowed to bring my assignments to do during work time,
So now since i have so much free time now,
i shall blog cos i know when i go home,
i will be busy doing my assignments.
Enough about assignments!!
I have like 11 more lessons till i have my TWO MONTHS SCHOOL BREAK!
srsly cant wait to end these modules & start the hols~~~ :p
If you have followed me on instagram or read my previous post,
You would probably know that im working during the weekends!
so last weekend, i worked with G (sat) & JY (sun).
super enjoy working with somebody,
& sadly to say, im working alone today & next weekend ):
whateffs, shall continue with whats up this week!
Floral racer cut crop top- Bugis Street (gift form xian)
Black Chiffon outerwear- Sis'
Maroon 'Leather' Pants- H&M
Silver Clutch- H&M
Studded flatforms-Scape underground

Black maxi dress- Sis'
Studded flatforms- Scape underground
Silver clutch- H&M
Beaded Necklace- H&M

Denim polo t- Boyf's
black HWS- Bugis Street
Grey Oversized Cardigan- Boyf's
Black bag- Alcoholiday
Jelly sandals- instashop

white tee- cotton on
floral bandage skirt- clear out sale (forgot)
black bag- H&M (gift from charm)
Gold chain necklace- cotton on (gift from charm)
circle shades- instashop

floral top- gift from jy & t
goldchain necklace- cotton on (gift from charm)
Zara skort-instashop
studded flatforms- scape underground
circle shades- talisman's
black bag- bugis street

denim top-boy's (AGAIN)
denim skirt- Gift from Boyf
silver clutch- H&M
White/silver sandals- ZARA
specs-puchcart in sch (statementmuse)
Cheetah necklace- Hurs


on wednesday, 
After school, 
jd & i head over to his aunt's place to have dinner,
cooked by the person he love even more than me, 
his grandma!!! Heehehe
It has been really long since i ate homecooked food! 
Here is his cousin's daughter!!
JD sent this to me earlier on & i screenshot it!
too cute!

On Thursday,
My class went for field trip!
I blogged about it in my previous post!

On friday, 
My group: Bel, Nicole & rongrong, 
went to Arab street for our group assignment!
& all of us just kept snapping pictures of shops & the item they sell,

All of the shops are so similar that we actually skipped some of them, 

Like curtains, fabrics, ........
Haji lane is so much better please!

ignore my awkward feet, 
just like how this pic make my legs look damn long!!!!

just realise we didnt take any picture with bel :|

After that, 

i went out to town to meet jy & charm, 
To 'celebrate' the end of charm's major papers!
hopefully she did well *prays hard*
although its a celebration, 
but its the same as other outings we had in the past.. :p
Met up with jy first, 
& had teabreak/hi-tea at BAO TODAY.

& met charm after that.
Ate EwF for dinz & had Cold Stones for dessert!
we left town at roughly 11pm.

jy's burger, friggin' nice!
look how thick the omelette is!!

 sweet cream ice cream (:

& guess what?!
Saturday we went to town again! Mehh, been there 3 days in a row ):
but this time round was with jy, wj, & jd. 
We went to watch Red 2!
It was nice, to me~
After dinner at ion, 
4 of us went to kovan for Lan.
Hhahaah, yup counter strike.
I feel so lousy & all, 3 of them were so good ):
Wasnt really in a very good mood yesterday i guess.
So stress, & kept thinking about the assignments ):

Btw sorry guys, i will reallyreally post up the video soon! Didnt have time to edit the collective haul vid. Forgive me! ):

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