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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy day out with my favourite boy

hi beautiful!

So yesterday i went out with my boy after lunching with G.
All i wanted to do was to eat Icecream,
cos i had like a lot of assignments to complte.
but end up, i dressed up & went out with my boy until night time.
& did touch my work at all. The Procrastinator!! 
Met him at Nex & he had his lunch at BK & i had my favourite Taro Turnover,
Pretty sad that mac discontinued their Taro Pie ):
I wanted to go to Udders to have icecream, & go Bugis, but cos BU SHUN LU,
so end up we just took a bus down to Bugis.

when we reached there, we quickly went to Bugis Junction's Virtualand to play some arcade!
That Virtualand was like a childhood place for me & my bro,
cos almost every weekend we will go there & play! sigh memories..
People will think, go Bugis, is go shopping..
but not for yesterday! we went to play instead of shopping!!
& retrieve some memories with my bro there (':
instead of playing arcade, JD decided to LAN istead (:
counterstrike! another old school game..

after then, DINNER TIME!
wasnt craving for rice,
but cos everytime i go to bugis, i will always eat pepper lunch,
so.. ohwells
it will be awesome to have dessert after dinner,
& so we had Baskin Robins Ice Cream for dessert!!
CHEERS to sticky ice cream!!!!!

Although this seem like a normal 'date' , not anything fancy, but i was really happy today.
No quarrels at all, everything seem good.. feel like im falling in love with him all over again.
good to feel this way sometimes (:

ohya! jd did this for me.. HAHAH
too cute!

just now i went to the missha shop & see how much were they selling the eyeliner...
they are selling at $10.90 & i'm bringing it in at $8!
so what cha waiting for!
this will most probably be the last order i'm doing for the concealer & eyeliner, 
so quickly place your order at

Did a June Favourites tag/vlog.
i know it's pretty late!! it's gonna be august soon! HAHAH


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