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Friday, July 19, 2013

Blue x Weekly Updates

it's friday! so here it is again, weekly post!
my class have been like bestfriends with illustrator & photoshop like this whole week & last week too.
assignments..  assignments...
but it was really fun illustrating & photoshopping our catalog covers for final assignments!
so carried away by it that we totally ignore another assignment that also due next week! ):

*geek/nerd day*
Top- Dad's
Suspender- Talismans
Shorts- Bugis Street
Spectacles- blogshop
Socks- Daiso
Vans- Warped, gift from wr & celine

Oversized Outerwear- Bro's
Top- Newlook
Bandage skirt- H&M
Socks- Daiso
Creepers- Instashop

Sleeveless denim outerwear- Bugis Street + DIY
Turtleneck Top- Newlook
Shorts- Bkk, gift from boyf
Gold Chain- Cotton On
'Glass' Heels- YoungHungryFree, gift from Jinyee 

Tshirt- Cotton On
Alibaba Pants- Cotton On
Sandals - Cotton On
Triangle necklace- Scape's Flea
long leaf/flower necklace- DIY
Just realise everything was mainly from COTTON ON!

White Top with Blue Details- blogshop
Shorts- Bkk, gift from boyf
Sandals- blogshop
Circle Shades- Talismans
Gold Chain- Cotton on

i realise that i wear blue almost everyday!

miscellaneous shots!
specs shot with 7 princesses & michelle!

Did a photoshoot for Rongrong's Catalog cover on fruits!

with all the props for her assignment (:


check out their instavid:

mini-photoshoot everyday after sch for ootds & catalog cover assignments!

My #hipster #yolo hair

met up with my girls again!

& yesterday, these came into my mailbox!
so happy!

the Concealers & Eyeliners arrived!
& i have mailed them out!
i'll be opening another spree (lasts one) & i'll be closing the spree on monday again!
so do email me at to order!

Here is how it looks like:
Left- New | Right- Finished

 Without Concealer

With Concealer

Left- Concealer | Right- Naked

 & Check out how much of eyeliner i have use! hahah, favourites.

If you want more information on these items
check out my previous post!

that's all for today!

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