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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I have friends that have awesome photography skills & some with great posing skills.

& I'm the girl that likes to be in front of the camera.
i dont know why, but i just enjoy it.
Although i have many flaws, but i rather embrace them than hating on them!
that's why i'm able to have so many presentable pictures! & also bcos of the good photography skill my friends have (:

i can easily name as much as 10 flaws i have. 
but why see them as flaws when you can see them as something unique & apart of you.
No one is perfect, flaws make you who you are!

Feel comfortable with yourself, be confident about how you look & present it to the world.
For me, i feel more confident when i have makeup on, & nice clothes on.
i dont care how others look at me, as long as i feel happy & good, it's all that matters. (:
However, many people still went for surgeries to 'remove' their flaws.
i'm not against it or what! do whatever you want, if it makes you happy/confident, 'Just Do It'

Dont let anyone pull down your confidence level.
Take those 'not very nice comments' & let it be suggestions for you to IMPROVE on it.


photo credits - Jiayu

PolkaDot Crop Top - New Look
Bandage Skirt - H&M
Oversized Denim Outerwear - Bro's
Socks - Daiso
Creepers - Instashop


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