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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

R's bday x update x hairstyles

hi again!
back with a new update,

Monday's #ootd

(Rongrong's day)

Yeap, since it was Rongrong's birthday yesterday, 
we decided to dress like her!
Regine & Lina bought the Cake & were almost late or were late for class!
Since she likes fruitcake.... they got it!

after class we somehow wanted to surprise her, but failed!
only managed to put 1 candle :/
hey! but she's still very happy (:

these are where we get our inspiration to 'look' like her!

with R's zhaopai pose!

Ohya! i got her the exact same giraffe i got for myself, Lilo's twin!

Photo Booth session~~

for the past week i have been doing my work diligently..
& let me show you some(one) of my work (:
*yeah im not done. 
but i think its not bad for a beginner k!!!

& so..... as promised! 
another vid is up!
Hairstyles video~


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