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Saturday, July 6, 2013

White x Movie Date: Despicable Me 2

Back with another post!
p.s. photo overload! (:
So if you have read my previous post, i stated that i have challenged myself to wear white the whole week!
& here it goes!
theme: #4thjuly (red-lip, blue-shorts, white-top)
shorts- bkk
cardi- F21
necklace- shopselcouth
shades- instashop
shoes- Dr Martens

top- dad's
skirt- scape's flea
socks- my drawer
jelly sandals- rubi/instashop
bag- bugis street
necklace- HURS
shades- instashop

Nacho Pasta Salad w Egg
this is darn good...
ate this like 2 days in a row!
the potato salad was great too *slurpzzz*

Earlier on just now, after class
went to Sugar Loaf & have breakfast/lunch with my princesses 
thai food! this was veryveryvery nice (:

& it's dessert time after that!
how ever it was... meh.. okok only lo

 most of our desserts! yummeh~

after filling our tummies with yummy food, we went off for our daily dose of #ootds!
Pose-y me advertising my favourite brand of water!!!

seriously i think we have great photography skills & posing skills.
must maintain a bit!

really love the pictures that my princesses took for me <3

some sort of miss my forehead :/

after that, i went home & put my stuff down & went out to meet my secondary sch classmates for movie!
Despicable Me 2!

Before i continue, here are some photos charm took for me when we went to watch Now You See Me,
with Minion 'Mark' (i think)!!
 & tgt with Tim, Stuart, Mark, Phil (i anyhow bomb one) i cant even differentiate

back to topic,
with the girls that came to watch the movie!

& of cos with my fav bro!

my lovely angels <3
wondering why are we eating hotdog buns instead of popcorn?
cos we haven't eat our dinner yet ):

night #ootd without socks & hair let down!

that all for now! will be posting up a vid soon, 
so keep checking out my blog to see whether is it out or not (':
until then~

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