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Sunday, August 11, 2013

gotta go~

Sorry guys, i wont be typing much for this post, just mainly photos
gotta rush my assignments!! whoop!

Tank top- sis's
denim hws- instashop
black chiffon outerwear- sis's
black bag- H&M
skeleton hand necklace- scape underground (gift from JY)

white striped shirt- dad's
black shorts-bugis
goldchain necklace-cotton on (Gift from charm)
textured kneehighsocks- H&M

CNY top- Topman (Boyf's)
white skort- instashop
gold chain necklace- cotton on (Gift from charm)
white sandals-Zara

Raglan top- bugis street
black skorts- instashop
Goldchain necklace- cotton on(gift from charm)

red polkadot tank top- sis's
white/yellow ombre shorts- scape flea market
black chiffon outerwear- sis's
silver clutch- H&M
2 beaded necklace- H&M
White sandals-Zara

White top with blue detailing- stargazingwithyou
hw jeans- cityplaza
black bag- alcoholiday
gold spike/skeleton necklace- shopselcouth
white sandals- zara


so jy, charm & i went back to sec sch for national day celebration!
My favourite drink in secondary school!!

They are like forming the singapore flag

 check out how they just disperse like that.

 ohya, sch teachers performed some of the singapore's songs

thursday, i went out with jd, zq, dom, ly, deon for "The Conjuring"
omg. its really good!
ohya, & it was our 10th month being in a relationship~

went to charm's place for ND gathering on friday


had dinz with my bffs at Makisan after my work!
i think is was really nice
but they don't think so :/

& supper/dessert at Strictly Pancakes!

after work just today (sunday),
jd fetched me from work & we came to kovan's bliss just to eat this
& met jy & wj again for dinz!


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