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Saturday, August 17, 2013

hello sugar babies!
back with another week's update to make this blog alive!
have been really busy with my assignments lately.
& i've just came back from a 1940s Fashion shoot for my assignment with my cutiepies
i think we did not bad (:
but sorry i can only post the photos of it after this coming thursday!
really excited to see the shots taken earlier on!

Cream lace croptop- ohno, i forgot
black HW shorts- Bugis Street
Beaded necklaces- H&M
Purple chiffon outerwear- H&M
White sandals- Zara

'FIT' Sweater- Boyfriend's (ASOS)
Denim Skirt- Blogshop
GoldChain necklace- Cotton On
Creepers- Instashop
Socks- Daiso

Tribal Muscle Tank- Gift from Boyfriend
Black Bandage skirt- H&M
Checkered shirt- Boyfriend's
Skeleton Hand Necklace- Scape Underground
Knee High Socks- H&M

White Chiffon buttoned up- Carousell
White Skort- Instashop
GoldChain Necklace- Cotton On
Silver Clutch- H&M
Circle Shades- Talismans
White Sandals- Zara

Head Scarf- Sister's
White spaghetti strap- Sister's
Black HW Shorts- Bugis Street
Maroon Outerwear- Brothers
Slipper- Cotton On

On Tuesday i started on one of my assignment/showcase thingy:
i was cracking the paint!

On Wednesday, My boy ordered Canadian Pizza 
(when it was suppose to be DOMINO's Pizza),
He OWED me!!
anw, thanks babe! 

On Thursday, we were somehow rushing for our assignments that i didnt took #ootd
& didn't thought of wearing smth that was worth an ootd!
so yeah~

On Friday, went to watch "That Girl In Pinafore" with my favourite girls!

After that, we head down to Nex to have Korean Food for dinz with Linnette and SY!


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