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Friday, September 13, 2013

BKK Day 5/6

Day 5
i woke up to this beautiful scenery (';

if only my makeup desk at home is so neat..
(nah, i put it nicely before taking this picture)

i'm all made-up & ready for a new day in bkk!

Firstly, we had out breakfast at the hotel!

if you can tell, this is my portion :P

Check out the view (:

After our breakfast, we cab down to Chatuchak! we were full of energy!!

love this shot taken by myself of my sisters <3

top- BKK (Platinum Fashion Mall)
Shorts- Bkk (PFM)
Bag- Bkk (PFM)
Slippers- Cotton On

cos it was so damn hot, we needed some refreshments, MANGO SHAKE!!!

had some snacks along the way as well!
is like youtiao with chocolate sauce & coconut sauce!

we went to walk around for awhile & the coconut ice-cream caught my sisters' attention!
so they got it anyways, 
how sad, i heard that its very good & all, but i dont like coconut :/

suddenly, i wasnt feeling well, & had diarrhea. 
it hurt so badly.. so i couldnt continue shopping in chatuchak, 
i needed to rest. so we decided to head down to union mall & rest.
i ate some medicine & fell asleep, while my sisters were chitchatting in kfc!

srsly cant explain how bad i felt..
i was so sick, & felt nauseous.
i had no appetite or anything ):
but i still had to eat something, 
so we went up to the 'food court' to find stuff that i was able to eat..
so end up i ate this soup-rice

after eating, i felt somewhat better, & did a little shopping for my brother & friends.
soon, we went back to the hotel, to the clubhouse & check out the scenery.

by that time, my body felt super warm and i was feeling so sick, 
& i really had to go back to the hotel & rest.
sigh pie, im such a party popper ):

woke up, & did not felt any better, 
no appetite no nothing.. 
i didnt even put any makeup before going out!
so terrible..
however i went to the toilet, & my erjie told me that i was suffering from dehydration! 
i honestly didnt drink much water during my trip ):
breakfast was in the hotel again,
This was all i got for breakfast :/ & wasnt even able to finish it!!

dress- Bkk (Pratunum Market)

 i really wanted to come down to the swimming pool area to chill, 
so even though i wasnt feeling well, i still want to go!

my sisters went to swim while i just lie down and sleep.. hahah

 we went back to the hotel & my fever came back, 
my second sister went out just to buy more medicine & energy drink for me <3
it was time to leave the hotel, and go back home! ):

erjie send us to the airport, & we left..
dajie ordered cupnoodles, while i ordered chicken rice, the chix rice wasnt that nice :/
by that time, i was feeling a lot better!

i was so amazed by the packet of potato chip brought back from bkk, in the airplane!
science ~~~~~~~

&.... it popped.. cos i kept pressing on it :P

& thats about all! 
overall, i reallyreally enjoyed my bkk trip except the part when i was sick ):
really appreciate & felt very thankful towards my erjie & her boyfriend for bringing us around to try stuff!

guess what? i'll be posting my bkk haul video & the giveaways in my next post~~
so do hope by & check this site for the post!!

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