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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

BKK Day 4

We checked out of Novotel, & cab down to our next hotel: Sofitel So Bangkok!
we still had some space for more shopping in our luggages.
*note: i dont think box luggages are practical bcos they are more heavy & if they are full, 
you can't really squeeze much more stuff in there (fixed space)*

Top- Bkk (platinum fashion mall)
Skorts- Bkk (pratunam market)
chained sling bag- Bkk (Platinum fashion mall)
sandals- Zara
Necklace- Bkk (pratunam market)

this was our hotel room card & a invitation card for the pool party!

Welcome drinks were served for all the guest that checked in,
super cool! & its so refreshing.. 

there were some exhibits going on, so the hotel actually have loads of artworks by designers.

so in Sofitel So Bangkok, there are 4 elements (theme of the rooms)
& we stayed in the water element room (:

the bathtub was amazing, the view, the everything in the room was AMAZING.

They also provided apple mini for the guest to go online/internet/whatsoever.

water element: Fighting Fish

We went to visit the pool party before going out for our first meal/shopping.
& there were two sides at the pool party with 2 different DJs
one, more like our usual clubs, loud party music,

next, more like a chill corner, with the not-so-loud music.

food corner too!

So we left the pool party & finally we get to eat after hours of being hungry!

this was really good, 
Raw Crab (cold)!

Sticky rice were so cute, inside this straw container thingy!

the food was really fulfilling, cos we get to eat like the 'hometown' food of bkk? idk haha

after lunch, we head down to Siam Square for more shopping, 
but i honestly didnt shop much there.
actually our plan was to go do our hair first, but end up we didnt cos it was expensive..
yeah ):
so trip to Siam Square was more like buying souvenirs/gifts for my friends!

 i think this was... Siam centre or Paragon, i forgot
but the toilet is seriously too chiooooo!

makeup area, makeup desk & chairs provided :|

there's also fitting rooms in the toilet!

there's this super cool stairs that made me stand there for minutes & look at it while people walk up/down.
when people step of the stairs different notes (piano/keyboards) sounds!

Sorry, we just cant help it (':

super cute spill of nail polish!

bought some darn good doughnuts~

& caramel pretzels cos i was craving for it!
& so cheap compare to sg!

i can smell the meat thru the tv..
nah just joking, But srsly this tv is huge..

streets towards Japan Street~

So yeaaaaap! 
we had jap food for dinner,
no sushi though, just ramen!

me & the beautiful lights of Japan Street

who comes bkk without getting stuff from NARAYA????
at Naraya squatting down to choose stuff for friends/family.

everynight, housekeeping will come & change the room to 'night' style. 
for e.g the bed, we will have this goodnight pillow, curtains will be drawn down.
room will be dark..

erjie being a coolkid & use the apple mini~

this was me while i was blogging a post: sneak preview of my bkk trip!

have edited the hotel room vids, will only be up on the last post about bkk trip!
day 5/6!

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