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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Friday the 13th

on friday, the 13th, I guess its the best friday the 13 i've ever lived,
cos i was able to eat so much good food that day :P

In the afternoon, 
i met up with 3/4 of my princesses for dim sum date!
we went to Jalan Kayu for it, it was halal certified,

we ordered, 
-BBQ Chicken Bun
-Custard Bun
-Chicken Feet
-Shrimp (i forgot what is it called)
-Siew Mai
-Egg Tarts

I thought that we would order much more after that, 
cos i usually eat rice/noodles for lunch,
But just by eating this few 'dishes', 
All of us K.O.ed, 
we were so full!!
ratings for this meal: 6.5/10
price was good, but what disappoint us the most was the custard bao,
jiayu wanted to video down how the custard flow out from the bun, 
but..... when i peel open the bun, 
it was just paste.. custard paste bun :/
but the rest of the 'dishes' were fine!

This restaurant not only offer dim sum, they also offer food like:
-tom yum
-chicken rice

funny thing happened here:
we were taking pictures & we got screened,
bcos we trespassed this area that was only for 'STAFF'
& we didn't even saw any sign stating that..
ohwells, this aint gonna spoil my friday~
the funny part was, while we were being 'screened',
a couple walk pass us & no warning were given to them ):
& we complain to the police officer & somehow made him paiseh :P

ThunderStorm top- Bkk (Pratunam Market)
Quirky Platform shoes- Bkk (Chatuchak)
Chain sling Bag- Bkk (PFM)

rongrong & nicole left,
& the 4 of us were craving for Icecream, soooo
we head down to Serangoon Garden's Udders!
nope, i'm not really a fan of Udders,
i prefer Baskin Robbins!

my boy came to join us!
check out Jiayu's work of art!
ft. sexy Johnny

After that, I left for dinner with my family at BreadTalk building's Din Tai Fung!

this sour-spicy soup made me soooo sad!
i sipped a scoop of it & decided to add some vinegar, 
& accidentally pour too much inside.
oh gosh, i was only able to enjoy a scoop of soup ):
& have too pour away the rest that became horrible cos of my recklessness!!

ohyeah! this is my all time favourite!
everytime i come to DTF, i will always order this!

we ordered another plate cos i wanted more!
this time we order one with pork slices!

My dad was teaching us (mainly my bro) about yingyang!!

Dessert time~
dajie's black sesame almond pudding

papa's glutinous rice

mummy's idk what is it called :x

bro & my mango pudding!

there's no need to rate this place, 
is one of my favourite chinese restaurant!

overall, i really enjoy all the company & food of cos!

I"ve received so many request about how i achieve such a long ponytail with my middle length hair!
as seen in this picture,
I 'created' this hairstyle when i was in Bangkok after the first night,
just woke up on day two & did it,
& love it ever since (:

So here is my video on how i tie my hair up into a 'long' ponytail!

hope you enjoy! 

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