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Friday, September 20, 2013

Flea & Lantern Festival

sorry for not updating my blog & instagram lately.
Cos i've been really busy at my temp job that was taking alot of my time this week.

So last saturday,
Jinyee & i went over to #gobrokeorgohome's flea market
to mainly see some of our favourite bloggers & to do some 'shopping'.
there were soooo many ppl, & i kept perspiring ):
*can see my wet fringe with rchlwngx*

Total i bought 5 items
& jy bought 3 items
Hehe luckily my dad gave me extra money the night before :p

top- BKK (Pratunam Market)
Skorts- BKK (pratunam market)
Bag- BKK (PFM)
Sandals- Zara

top- Editors Market
Skirt- Bugis Street
Sandals- FEP
Bag- Blogshop 

We were somehow craving for baskin robbins,
& so we went back to our area.
& also for the convenience for charm to meet us.
End up we did not get to eat baskin robbins
cos we waited for charm till it was dinner time >:(
& so! We had pasta mania for dinz,
& off we went to linnette's place-park for some lantern festival 'celebration' !!

will be blogging about how i style different outfits on a same piece of clothing on my next post!! (: 

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