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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How I Style: Tshirt x Giveaway Winners

So today I'm officially starting a new 'topic' for my blog,
i will do more of this often in the future!

& today's post will be on How I Style: Tshirt.

& This particular tshirt was from my bkk trip, Twiggy with flowers covering her eyes.
*sorry for the unprofessional background, was doing this before going out with bf :P *
So lets begin~

Key items that make the whole outfit look more 'stylish':
-beanie (Cotton On)
-statement necklace (Cotton On)
-swag pose :P (It Come Naturally!!! JK)


i just paired it with my comfy shorts, & maybe if i add on my marts, 
ready for town!


instead of tucking in my shirt in, i tucked out,
Oversized tee, with my trusty knee high socks.


you dont have crop top? no worries, just tie a knot!
& this is more like a street style look.
*BF jeans- BKK


the previous one too boyish? try bandage skirt instead,
this is a really casual one, but i still look town-appropriate!
*Bandage skirt-H&M
the previous one too casual?
want to add a playful/rough touch? 
try adding your dad/bro/bf's long sleeved shirt or flannel tying across the waist!
*Bandage skirt-H&M
Maroon shirt-Bro's

dont like the solemn look of a bandage skirt?
want to be more fun?
opt for a skater skirt instead, it looks younger too.
& with my trusty knee high socks again!
*Skater skirt-Scape's Flea


Want to toughened things out?
try adding a denim jacket,
i'm wearing this heavy duty baggy denim jacket.
*Skater skirt-Scape's Flea
Denim Jacket-BKK

maxi will never go out of style!
i just folded my sleeves a little higher for this look.
*Maxi skirt-Bugis Street

That's all for my how i style: tshirt.
i hope some of the way i would dress help some of you!
do let me know what i should style next 

HEY ALL, Are you ready to know who won the giveaway??
thank you all the 'contestants' who have taken part in this giveaway,
you all have really helped me in many ways.. cant express how thankful i am..
Even the other 400+ readers & 1300+ followers that never join this giveaway,
thank you all for 'supporting' me & being interested in what i'm doing (:

i didnt know how to choose cos all the comments & captions were all so nice,
so i decided to use a random 'picker' to decide who i'm gonna give it to & i only did it once,
so i didn't like press the 'again' button!
*for those who didnt win, it's ok! will do somemore giveaway if im going anywhere special to get for y'all~ *hugssss*
So let's announce it!



winners of the following giveaway please email me 



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