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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sneak Preview of my BKK trip!

hello sunshines!
i'm here in our 3rd hotel [Sofitel So Bangkok] blogging thru a mac mini!
quite cool, & i'll actually show you how i look like now:

SO cool huh?
as promised, i'll update my blog during this trip, giving you some 'scenes' from my trip!
more detailed post will be up after my trip!
so i went bkk with my Dajie, & went over to meet up with my Erjie & her bf
it's been a seriously longlong time since i sat the airplane.
the last time before this time round, was like.... during kindergarden :/
so i was pretty amazed about the whole airplane part.
super pretty clouds (:

First meal at bkk!

Day 2.

Day 3,

Day 4,

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so... will continue with the more detailed posts after my trip~


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