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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

BKK Day 1

i'm finally blogging about my holiday in BKK!

Day 1
so i went over to bkk with my older sis,
the funny thing was, we were early,
& went shopping at the duty free shop & play with this thingy we saw:

& we didnt keep track of the time & we heard an announcement (smth like..)
"Juliana Chan weiying & Cherie Chan linhui please proceed to your flight towards bkk now, -dk dk what- last two passengers."
so yeah, we rushed our way to board the plane!!

We ordered our meals tgt when we booked our air ticket, 
& we were really happy with the food!!
Green Curry was really good! (:

Bon App├ętit!

i'ver mentioned before that it was a really long time since i last took an airplane.. more than 10 years i guess??
really happy to see the clouds!
after that we watch movie on board~

So here we are! BANGKOK~

this was our first taxi for the trip!
& we were on the way to our first hotel,
that is the Ibis Siam Hotel,
We stayed for only a night

& finally met up with my second sister after a long time! <3
we checked in & chill in the room for awhile & head out for our dinner!

So we had our dinner here, 
& i was really happy with the first meal in bkk!
so good!

i was super shocked!
cos we went to a 7-11 at bkk,
bought all this & if was around 80baht? LESS THAN $4.

after that, we decided to dabao some Mango sticky rice! heheh

so sweet! nothing can ever beat the taste of it! (i think)

& that was all for day 1!
goodnight! :P
stay tune for day2-5!


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