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Friday, September 6, 2013

BKK Day 2

Day 2
this is the view of Ibis Siam Hotel,

Woke up at 10 & headed out to MBK to have our brunch & did some shopping!
ohya, the hotel was just opposite MBK!


i didnt know what i should eat so i play it safe & just eat a plate of fried kueyteow, it was ok!

while my sis ate kueychup which was also pretty good!

 my sis was craving for donuts, so she got some Dunkin Donuts!..

tourists will always be tourists!

After MBK, we checked out of the hotel, & went to out next new hotel, Novotel.
yeap! it was on top of Platinum Fashion Mall!

Forgot to take a photo of how the room look like, but i took a video (: & will post soon!

after settling down at our new place, without wasting any time,
we immediately headed out to platinum fashion mall for more shopping!
After a few hours of shopping, we finally stopped for a snack (cos the shops were closing)

We tried McPork! hehehhe

We met up with my sis boyfriend and went for MASSAGE!

It was the first time i got a full body massage & it was SO DARN GOOD!!!
All of us fell asleep! (:
after all the shiokness, we finally went for our dinz at a diner restaurant!

 After ordering so much, & started eating, we realised that we ordered too much potatoes & end up not finishing them.. :|

thats all for day 2!

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