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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Couz Wedding!

today was my cousin's wedding lunch.
wheeee, everything went wonderfully great, especially the part when i got to fill my tumtumz with good food :P
congrats to the newly weds!

Tube top- Gift from Enxian
Midi Slit-Skirt - BKK
Sandals- Zara
Sling Bag- BKK
Necklace- BKK
Flower pin- Sister's

ohyes, the fish was my favourite <3

ohya, we had tangyuan for dessert after the dishes!

After the lunch, i went off to town to meet my boy! 
he somehow craved going to town, it's been awhile since we went to town i guess!
My love for Mocha Frappeccino <3

happy 11th monthsary / 1 year 10 months <3

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