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Monday, September 9, 2013

BKK Day 3


Day 3 was srsly a super long day for us!
we woke up at 4am+ get ready & all, suppose to leave house at 5am, 
but end up we left the hotel at 5.30am?
we were so late!
bcos we wanted to go to Pratunam Market that only operates from 5-7am (most shops)
so end up we walk & tried to navigate our way there.
thank god we had google map & awkward taxi driver by the roadside telling us where is it.

the sun was just starting to rise & we were shopping like mad alr,
the stuff there are srsly mad cheap!
love that place the most.

theres this denim shop that sell super cheap denims,
i'm in love with that shop the most i guess,
i bought two denim jacket, total 220baht only (less than $10) OMG!

After that, around 8+/9am, the shops were all packing up/closed!

how sad, & by that time, we were all damn tired alr.
so we decided to head back to our hotel,

but otw back, it was super hot & we felt thirsty!!

Top- Scape Fleamarket
skorts- Instashop
Slipper- Cotton On
Sling Bag- Bkk (gift from jd)
Shades- Talisman's

Cant explain how cute Ronald McDonald is...

Back to the hotel,
we start trying out all our clothings that we bought on DAY 2 at Platinum Fashion Mall,
& this were the stuff we bought from there, two rows each!
top - dajie
middle - erjie
bottom - mine, & i realised i got alot of blue/white :|

We also tried & layout our buys from the day itself & pratunam market.
we srsly bought more stuff in pratunam compared to platinum!
bottom 3 rows were stuff i bought!

after that, we headed down to platinum again, another zone this time round,
& have our brunch!

After some mini shopping at zone 2, we came back to the hotel, rest for awhile & head out again!

Top- Scape Fleamarket
Skirt- BKK (Pratunam Market)
Denim jacket- BKK (Pratunam Market)
Quilted Sling Bag- BKK (Platinum)
Slippers- Cotton On

As stated that we had a long day, shopped from more than 10hours (including resting time)
we have to get some massage!!

Its was damn shiok, i wanted to use my phone throughout, but i just keep falling asleep, can't help it!

After a good massage, we sat the tuktuk & head down to my erjie's place to put her stuff down.

Check out how the uncle pose.. :|

The wonderful view from my erjie's condo!

I love walking down streets, especially those with many signboards.
i dont know why too :/

We had Tapas at a Spanish Cafe!

"Tapas (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈtapas]) are a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine. "

We had some wine-vodka drink for our chill night~

i like this a lot, but if it doesn't have the prawns/sotong/squid/peas it would be perfect!

Do we look alike?

Really enjoy the whole day, i felt sooooooooo fulfilling that day!
YUP i guess DAY 3 is my ultimate favourite :D
will be posting up the giveaway items for my day 5/6 post~
so do stay tune at this site!!

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