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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fidé Fashion Week part 1

Fide Fashion Week was a wonderful experience for me!
it was the first fashion show i have ever been to & also for my friends!
really happy to be able to attend such a phenomenal show with them (:
so i'll be sharing with you my experience at the shows i've been to!

we attended two days,
first show/also the first day of Fide Fashion Week,
the Pierre Balmain Show (pret a porter):

we started our day meeting at bayfront stn, etc.
was really sad cos ppl dress nicely & attend fashion week by cars/cabs etc, 
but we actually took the public transport.. 

so jiayu actually recommended us this custard bun at mbs' 'big foodcourt'.
it was really nice (: we ate it before the show & went back for more after the show!
also we had late lunch/early dinner there (:

some of u ask me about my diet plan,
i still eat like how i used to, but only eat 1/3 of the rice (:

& our tix (:
ohya, watch the Pierre Balmain show with Belicia, Jiayu, Jolyn, Regine & Lina!

so yeah! we head in to the show!
saw a few familiar faces (:

grabbed from their IG!
follow them (:

ohyes, this was my favourite piece from Pierre Balmain!

so the show ended, & it was photo time!

dress- Flea Market (from some blogshop)
Coat- Sister's
Goldchain quilted bag- Bkk
Quirky platforms- Bkk
earRing- Diva

with the models <:
i was alr wearing platforms, imagine how slim & tall they were!!
feel like an ugly asian beside them.. ohwellz~

 didn't manage to take a shot of bel ):

i was being lame & told them, "hey... we are walking on the red carpet!!~"
"ey jo! help me take picture with the red carpet ley!!"
"omg, i feel like a star"
ok... over-dramatic about the whole red carpet thing... hahaha
 regine & lina manage to watch the bread & butter show, so we went out to chill before they came back to meet us, & bel left with K, & we head down to gardens by the bay to chill!
thats about all for the first day!
will update my blog for the next fashion show we went next week!! (:

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