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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How I Style: High Waisted Shorts

Hey beautiful,
Today on How I Style will be on High Waisted Shorts.

Everyone knows how to wear/style them,
dont even know why am i doing a post on it!
high waisted shorts were previously a trend from the 70s'
& its back now in the 21st century,
turn your head anywhere/everywhere, you will see a few high waist shorts around!
It come in many different textures/colours/materials, etc

so today, i'll be sharing with you how i would style high-waisted shorts:

Denim hws- Instashop
Black plain hws- Bugis Street
Black washed denim hws- Bugis Street


tshirt & hws, Basics!
when you head out, you will see a few ppl having this combination, 
it looks very simple, what if you are heading to town, 
how to dress up this simple look???

just simply throw on a blazer, & statement necklace!
denim hws gives me this very slack/casual look, 
but when i have on the blazer, 
it doesnt look slack anymore!
smart casual look (:

Striped Tshirt- Dad's
Blazer- facebook shop
Necklace- Cotton On

like i said in previous posts, if you think your outfit is too simple, 
just simply add your favourite outerwear & accessories!

look more put tgt now (:

denim jacket- Bkk
pink top- Bkk
Necklace- Cotton On

i like to mix & match formal & casual,
for example, this top looks formal to me, 
& this black denim shorts look more casual to me,
mixing the two tgt, 
im not too formal neither am i too slack/casual!
tuck in or tuck out, you decide (:

white top- Carousell

want a more formal look?
nothing beats a blazer (of your favourite colour) (:

white top- Carousell
Blazer- Facebook Shop

i dk what look is this..
hmmm, monochrome :P
i just have on a cardigan & rolled up the sleeves in such a way that my white top's sleeves are peeking out of my arms!

white top- Carousell
Cardigan- F21

i match my bralet with the same hws!
this look has more of a grunge look i guess :P

bralet- Bkk
Flannel- Dad's

ohyes, hws can be matched with anything & everything!
its just how you wear it, thats all!!
look at my previous how i style post for more look about hws!


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