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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fidé Fashion Week Part 2

Hi i'm back with part 2 of my experience at Fidé Fashion Week!
this time we went to the Japanese Couture,
The (designer)shows are: 
Junko Koshino, Japan Creative Centre, Yoshiki Hishinuma, Keita Maruyama
really enjoyed the entire time of this show!
you can see why in the video/photos below!!

Firstly when we entered the hall, 
they were catering 'refreshments', & when we see food, we srsly go crazy!!

ft. retardedregine <3

& _blushnoisette

first show by Junko Koshino

next, was a show by JCC, 
'competitors' designs (fashion students etc..)!

thirdly, Yoshiki Hishinuma!
love the acrylic head wears!

& lastly, Keita Maruyama, 
one of the most famous designers in Japan

here is the 'boss' of Fidé giving his speech,

ohya, can you friggin' believe that the lady in white is 47 YEARS OLD?
SO DAMN PRETTY & look so young!

& here Miyoko Shida performed a very charismatic performance,
to see the full video of her performance click the link below (:

these are the lovely people i went the show with!

we were lucky to see kenzo at the show!
so honoured to have a photo with him (:
(couple outfit hehehehe!!!!)


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