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Sunday, October 20, 2013

I like to feel blonde all over. - Marilyn Monroe

it's been awhile since i've blog!
feel so bad about it ):
but i'm gonna do a short update before i start sch tomorrow!
school will be starting tmr, & it means that i will have lesser time to blog again,
but NO! this will not be an excuse of not updating this site!
will still try my best with short updates & also not forgetting every tuesday's post on 'how i style'!
have to wake up earlyearly for sch! 9am-3pm ):
but really looking forward spending at least 6 hours with my princesses everyday again!
will never get bored seeing them everyday (':
we were given assignments to do during our 2 months holiday, but i'm only halfway done );
ohwellz, what to do... #badass.

tube- fep
skorts- bkk
denim jacket- bkk
sandals- zara

black tank- taobao
skorts- instashop
denim jacket- bkk
platform shoes- taobao
bag- bkk (gift from bf)

striped tshirt- dad's
hws- bugis street
pastel yellow blazer- facebook shop
necklace- mum's
silver clutch- h&m
sandals- zara

maxi dress- flea 
necklace- mum's
slippers- cotton on
tote bag- bkk

back tank- taobao
skorts- instashop
sandals- zara
bag- bkk (gift from bf)
goldchain necklace- cotton on (gift from charm)
denim jacket- bkk

white turtleneck- new look
midi skirt- bkk
sandals- zara
babyblue sling bag- bkk

so many of you actually 'cant wait' for me to do a blog post on my trip to the salon to have my blonde hair!

i met up with jy & vv for lunch at bugis junction before we head down to bugis+ to have my hair dyed.
however, there were some problem, & needed me to book an appt, 
i was so damn upset, cos i already choose my hair colour etc, 
&i was so eggcited alr, 
end up i called another outlet of this salon, that was at FEP.
they said i was able to head down that evening, so YEY! HAPPYGIRL IS BACK!
we went bugis street to walk walk/ did some window shopping!
jy & i headed down to FEP & went to the salon, 

Vintage Studio

they were very welcoming, & ask if we would like to drink anything, 
but nah, we weren't in the mood for any tea/milo, etc.

actually i was asked to sit here, but it means that jy cant sit beside me, so...
no nice seat for meeee!
but really pretty!

check out my super damaged/uneven coloured hair ):
there was thing 5-10 min consulting session with me & the hairdresser,
he was really nice & teach me manymany things i didnt know about my hair, etc.

so yeap! it was settled & i wanted to dye my hair this colour.
ash blonde!
(i was playing with this app at home earlier on)
i really regret not showing this picture to the hairdresser ):

here we go~~~~~~~~~

the result of the first round of bleaching!
i look like..... idk :/

round 2!
yeap i bleached my hair twice!

the result of the 2nd round of bleaching!
& thank you my lovely jy for buying me xxl chicken that i was craving for!

ohyeah, their operating hour was 10am - 9pm
& by this time, it was alr 9.53pm!

how lucky can i be, 3 people doing my hair!
hahahha :P

soooyeap!!! this is the end result!
finish the whole 'journey' at 12.20am
yeah ): it wasnt the colour that i wanted
but ohwell, its ok being blonde!
it was pretty expensive too ):
my bf cant stop 'scolding' me for spending such an amnt on my hair!

this was 1.5 days after dyeing!
(i did some diy at home as well, used my leftover white toner from directions
& Carine's Jerome Rususell toner!)
thanks carine!

(yes, this picture was edited, wish my natural eyes was this big!!)

last but not least, 
*she was sick too*
where can you find such good friend like this?!?!
*p.s. even my boyfriend can't wait this long*

she's my bff for a reason <3
love you jy!


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