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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


as you all know halloween is coming up!
so this week, i'll be sharing with you 2 looks for halloween~~

is just a very 'not-so-over-the-top' look!


here i'm wearing my prom dress from asos, 
& also, the lace detailing on the dress adds a little feminine touch 
also it is in black in colour!

the lip colour with the black dress compliments the 'vampy' look.

want to be a little more playful?
draw fangs!

lip colour:
red lipstick- nyx
dark lipstick - topshop

if only i still have my dark hair, i will look more 'vampy' in this outfit!!


Possesed doll:

top- bkk (gift from boyfriend)
dungaree/suspender skirt- blogshop

i used my eyeliner to draw a few 'fake' bottom lashes 
& also to draw 'stitches' along my lips to cheeks.

want to look like you didnt sleep for days?
add some 'dark circles'!
here, i used my naked palette's black eyeshadow to darken the eye bags.

*just trying to look like i'm eating lilo*

scary enough?
i darkened my lips with the same dark lipgloss i used for the vampy look,
& also use it as 'blood' all over my eyes & lips!

here is the overall look of the possessed doll look :P!

not what really counted as a look though,
its just a random look that i got just using tissue paper to clean away the previous makeup,
i look so wash out/worn out/beat upped!!!

so here is all for my halloween edition!
hope you enjoyed it!
& also, enjoy your halloween & scare the hell out of other ppl's asses! 


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