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Monday, October 28, 2013

insane week!

i'm updating this site instead of rushing with my work.
sighpie, so many assignments given to us when its just the first week of school. ):

top- carousell
shorts- f21
sandals- zara
spiked hairband- instashop 

grey top- cotton on
skorts- bkk
bag- H&M
Dr. Martens
rubber duckie necklace- bkk
other necklace- diy 

bralet- bkk
denim jacket- bkk
shorts- FEP
necklace- mum's
Hater Cap- Gift from Xuanren

crop tank- Taobao
shorts- bugis street
bag- alcoholiday
beanie- cotton on
gold chain necklace- cotton on
platforms- taobao

crop tank- sister's
long vest- flea
sparkly comfy shorts- bkk
jelly sandals- instashop

hater cap- gift from xuanren
striped top/dress- bkk
denim overall- bkk
bag- H&M
creepers- instashop

Turtleneck top- new look
bag- sister's
necklace- bkk
sandals- zara

it's so funny to be in a clique where now 8 of us either have black, blonde or 'mini-blonde' hair!

the 3 blondies of the clique~

so i've been spending a lot of time with my bffs, especially after they finish their Os!!
the day when charm finish her last paper, wednesday, 
jy & i picked her up from 'sch' & headed down to nex for a dinner treat by charm!
[her dad asked her to treat us to a meal for tutoring her(jy) & giving moral support(me)] heheh
so we decided to eat at their old working place, Dian Xiao Er.

after eating, we went down to Baskin Robbins,
bcos it was pink day!!!
was looking forward to my favourite chocolate chip cookie dough!!
but.. sadly, they didnt have it that day, </3
so i end up not eating, 
(i kop from them instead :P)

on thursday, i need to go down to a café for some assignment that i need to do research on, 
so  decided to do on Dessert bowl, (ya... i know, its not really a café)
but i felt like eating anyways~
but that day i was feeling super angsty, & so as usual i 'complaint' to jd about it..
& cos he was still in sch, & he cant do anything about it, 
jd texted my bf's to help me in a way or two.
jy came down to meet me & accompanied me to dessert bowl.

** will never ever forget what she told me, i felt so touched <3
jy i think u know & you said it was gay :@
after then i was craving for chomp chomp, so yey!

i really wanted to eat the hokkien me soo bad, 
(but not from the store i ordered from, but too bad it's the only one opened)
the uncle told me i had to wait for one hour.
i was like.. ok lo & ordered the big one.
by then we alr eat finish the rest of the dishes!!!
stupidstupid me.
didnt know it would turn out being so huge that we only eat like 1/4 of it & asked for dabao :P

& guess what... on saturday, i got jy to accompany me to run some errands!
& jy was like "i realise i've been seeing you almost everyday"
pffffft.... hahaha
did some outdoor shoot for my upcoming how i style post!
thanks jy for always being a very good photographer & withstanding the heat &bugs with me <3

after that we went to Singapore Art Museum cos we didnt know what to do after that..

this is some post-its that we wrote for a gallery.
"if the world changes....."

went to have makisan for dinz cos jy was feeling 'sushi-ish' hahah!

&&&&&&& on sunday,
met up with my lovely bffs again, for knox session! LIKE FINALLY.

so charm told us to be as kuazhang as possible, 
i know i know..
ppl are gonna judge me when they watch this instavid, 
but ohwells spam my telling me my singing suck~

after kboxing, we headed down to bugis to catch a movie!
& we finally get to eat chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream!! yummzzz

left jy & charm for awhile, & quickly went off to meet my boy to celebrate his cousin's baby's birthday.
it was at studio bar! great place for parties!
only when i reached there & look around, then i realise the theme was the minions of despicable me!
the place was filled with babies!!!! phew..
& i kept telling jd that the birthday boy was so pretty, sadly i dont have a photo of him ):
after eating & chilling, 
we left & rushed back to bug is junction & managed to catch the movie in time!

sooooo thats all for the week i guess..
it's 2.49am now,
shall go sleep now & do my work tmr :|

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