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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How I Style: Striped dress

hello sugarbabies!
managed to do this post with pictures taken else where instead of my boring cupboard & door!
thanks to my lovely jy <3!

So, for today's how i style
i'll be styling this Striped dress with a little flair at the bottom that i got from Bangkok!
shoes will remain the same throughout the whole outfit, Creepers - instashop.

so as you can see, even though there are the designs on the dress such as the stripes & flair,
but it still looks boring & plain!


add on my gold chain necklace from cotton on,
& also a denim outerwear around my waist,
this helps to accentuate the waist line.
cos without the outerwear around my waist, i can barely find my waist in the dress itself!

denim jacket- Flea market + DIY Bleaching


 this is a very very simple look, 
however, many ppl do not like to wear dresses as a top becos it tends to be a little more bulky when you tuck in..
so, to avoid having a weird looking butt, try a looser shorts,
& if you want to wear a skirt, try skater skirts instead of bandage skirts!!

shorts- FEP
belt- Bkk


mixing both of the above denims tgt,
& we have this look!
more of a tomboy style.


so here, i'm not using the dress as a top,
but instead, i'm styling it here as a skirt!


so this outfit was what i wore last week,
& yeap! you can pair a dress as an inner wear for your overalls!

Denim Overall- Bkk

So... rmb, dont only wear clothings as what it is, 
try layering it with other different clothing & go ahead a have fun experimenting!
you will never know what special style you will be able to create!

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