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Monday, November 4, 2013

OOTDs x Halloween part 1 (school)

've been really caught up in school lately,

muscle tank- gift from bf
black chiffon outerwear- sister's
shorts- FEP
Jelly sandals- Instashop
tote bag- bkk

zara skorts- instashop
sandals- zara
denim jacket- bkk
tote bag- bkk

black crop tank- taobao
denim jacket- bkk
jeans- bkk
creepers- instashop

pink dress- gift from bf
pink bear- gift from bf
sandals- zara

white eyelet top- bkk
hw black shorts- bug is
sandals- zara

navy romper- blogshop
baby blue sling- bkk
slippers- cotton on

will be having a separate post on two different halloween celebrations!
today's post will mainly be on halloween celebration with my polymates!
wanted to do like a halloween post with my two celebrations, but too many photos! so yeaappp!

so on the actual day of halloween, 31/10, my polymates & i decided to dress up for halloween!
& the day before we were like discussing what/who to dress up as........

i brought jojo along as my partner for my halloween costume!

check out all our makeup scattered on the floor!

can you guess who was dressing like who/what?

"wanna play with me?"
-broken doll

Rongrong was.... Minnie Mouse!

Jolyn tried her best to be Dorothy (wizard of oz)!!

regine was suppose to be Rosie the Riveter, but end up being Bob the sexy builder!

Lina was............... Wednesday addams!

Belicia was suppose to be a voodoo doll, but end up she had funny cuts on her hahah <3

Jiayu is a Japanese school girl!

& nicole was a girl. hahha
she left early ):

in the evening, almost 7pm, we went around the campus 'scaring' people!

Close up of my cracks, (not perfect though ): )

we aren't scaring, we are super friendly & loveable! hehe

or maybe not :/

signing off with a super funking bag of the day!
(this skeleton thingy was from my primary school days,
yeah i keep it until now!
even the pink rubber bands in the previous photo~)

enjoyed my time with my princesses!
keep a look out of my blog, 
cos they will be scaring you soon~
(what a cheesy line to end off ~.~)


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