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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Updates x October Favourites Vlog!


grey tank scallop croptop- bkk
denim skirt- msia
sandals- zara
denim jacket- bkk

wolf muscle tank- bkk (bf's)
boyfriend jeans- bkk
sky blue sling bag- bkk
studded flatforms- scape underground
circle shades- talisman's

white chiffon top- carousell
black skorts- bkk
cardigan- F21
Sandals- zara
goldchain- cotton on
bag- bugis street

light blue shirt- cotton on (bf's)
denim jacket- bkk
skater skirt- flea market
platform loafers- taobao
goldchain- cotton on
black sling bag- bugis street

black crop tank top- taobao
tropical skirt- FEP
denim jacket- bkk
sandals- zara
gold chain- cotton on
bag- bugis street


have been really narcissistic lately!

wednesday, the day when i was going to the dentist to get my braces off!
so i decided to take selfies of myself with braces!

my boy accompanied me to NDC to have my braces removed!
thanks bby!

finally after 2+ friggin' years, 
with many friggin' ulcers all the time, 
*besides having to have retainers on 4eva*

first ootd with my naked teeth~
*kept smiling through out while RR help me take my ootd~

 & on friday,
it was our 1 year anniversary~
met up with my boy after school,
& we decided to have buffet at shabu sushi!!

super love the backdrop in this picture, so romantic, HAHAHHA!

i only asked him to take one picture of me, 
& he start taking all the what-he-thinks-its 'artistic' shots,
*he don't usually do that though, he was super nice to me that day (':

& had my favourite BR after the super full dinz!
& Special ID to end of the day~

 & today, i started playing Maplestory again. HAHAHAHAH
really miss this game so much (':
*excuse my cui face*

& manage to find some time to do a mini october favourites/updates vlog!

Au revoir~

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