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Monday, November 18, 2013

Vlog: A week in school!

this week had been a very 'short 'n sweet' week for us,
and yeapyeap, just getting a little busy with assignments,
but hurray for the new module coming up next!
love doing hands-on stuff rather than those theory shit :/
keep a look out at this site to know what is my next module~

collar inner shirt- bugis street
sweater- H&M
gold chain- cotton on
black bag- bugis street
socks- daiso
creepers- instashop

black dress- bkk
grey cardigan- Fox (bf's)
gold chain- cotton on
knee high socks- dais
creepers- instashop
totebag- bkk

circle shades- talisman's
striped top/dress- bkk
gold chain- cotton on
hw jeans- city plaza
totebag- bkk
studded flatforms- scape underground
denim jacket- bkk

black baby doll dress- bkk
denim jacket- bkk
goldchain- cotton on
socks- daiso
creepers- instashop

muscle tank- bkk (bf's)
skorts- bkk
rubberduckie necklace- bkk
black bag- bugis street
denim jacket-bkk
new balance shoes- instashop

top- blogshop
shorts- bugis street
sandals- zara
denim jacket- bkk
black bag- bugis street

So last sunday, 
my family went out to celebrate my dajie birthday at BaliThai (my sister's choice)

coincidental grey day for us!

& really love what jiayu drawer for me that day <3

so shock to see my sewing assignment on display!!

on wednesday,
was so damn late for school & had super light makeup!

after our 'pitch presentation' with lecturer, we walk for the 'walk for rice' thingy!
*can see our lecturer behind with my classmate behind us!*


we went thrift shopping!!
was so eggcited to go thrift shopping with them cos jiayu always thrift & find amazing stuff!
so i wanna try to!
& i manage to buy 4 items for $8!
heheeheheh! yey!
2 shirt, 2 pants!

It's CCN DAY!!!!
my class did hand-made/sewn plushies, pouches, etc. 
*missing jolyn here*

& brought out my new kicks!
so darn comfortable! (:

left CCN early & rush down to NDC to collect my retainers!
*but damn gaowei :/ saliva keep flooding my mouth. hahahah!

after that i headed down to town & met up with endian & jinyee to buy presents for tracy~

on Saturday, 
we celebrated tracy's belated present!
had dinner at 18 chefs *queued up for 1 hr*
& t didn't know jy & i were there!!
so yeapp, we 'surprised' her & have our dinner!
& did some window shopping~
jy & i surprised her again with a cake!
*xian didn't know we had cake for t too! hahaha

sooooooo, this week, i did a vlog on a week of sch,
& thanks for my very cooperative friends~
maybe i will do a better one in the future,
be nice k!
first time doing this & kinda forgot what to say in the vid!!

authentic New Balance Shoes
fit size 36-37!
worn lightly,
selling at $75
interested party please contact 91681020


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