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Sunday, November 24, 2013

a week without a phone x.

dress- scape underground
oversized cardigan- FOX (bf's)
Gold chain- Cotton on
mint sling bag- bkk
Dr Martens

shirt- Thrift shop
bandage skirt- H&M
bag- bugis street
necklace- flea/DIY
socks- H&M
creepers- instashop

Denim top- Topman (bf's)
Denim Skirt- Msia 
Denim Jacket- Bkk
bag- bugis street
cheetah necklace- Hurs

lightning top- Bkk
Skater skirt- flea
Oversized cardigan- FOX (bf's)
bag- bugis street
Gold chain- cotton on
New Balance shoes- Instashop

graphic top- Bkk
Bf Jeans- Bkk
Goldchain- cotton on
Bag- bugis street
New balance shoes- instashop
shades- talisman's

Striped tshirt- dad's
hw shorts- bugis street
mint bag- bkk
new balance shoes- instashop
shades- Shopunk

Her outfit:
Turtleneck top- FEP
Skorts- Instashop
Flannel- BF's
Bag- Bugis street
Dr. Martens
Shades- Shopunk

His outfit:
floral top- Fleshimp
jeans- Cheap monday
Dr.martens- Asos
Bracelets- H&M


on monday, we started our new module, 
textile manipulation!
so funzz~

A Mailman came knocking on jd's house's door, 
the guy was holding a huge box for jd!
then he woke up from his sleep & quickly open the huge box, 
it was his supplements &......... the New Techniques Brushed~~~

after then we headed out for dinner at Manhattan Fish Market~

Tuesday nothing much though, 
just me with my dirty fingers/hands

i was being a badass & had new 'ends' for my hair~

check out one of my favourite piece i've tie dyed,

& the not so fancy one

"want to shake hands with me?"

us, just chillin' at our usual ootd spot & doing some quiz/assignments~

after school, i went down to Nex to meet my oh-so-lovable girls for dinner at Hot Tomato
& Our favourite BASKIN ROBBINS~

check out how tough is it to comb thru these dyed ends


the end result of not doing their assignments on time! :P

rongrong tou pai wo ):

rongrong's & my work!

so friday, 
i woke up earlier to head out to get a replacement sim card, 
& yes, i literally live my life normally even without a phone.
i also literally brought my laptop to sch 'almost' everyday just to contact my boy & my girls!
& yey, finally living normally!

super love my new shades from shopunk~
*no it's not an advert/sponsored item*
i bought it myself & really like how efficient they are!
love their items too, this is my second shades that i have bought from them <3

after french class, we went to charm's new place,
srsly like a dream family house, 
aircon everywhere~

was trying to be a hippie here with the shirt i dyed the day before!

in this picture, you can obviously tell that jinyee thinks i'm so damn cool~

"peace out~"

they left to celebrate a friend's birthday,
& i headed home. ):

(if it doesn't move, click on it!)


my "ahbeng" boyfriend is not a pedophile.. :P

got my cravings satisfied, like finally~

we went to watched... CAPTAIN PHILIPS!


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