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Sunday, December 1, 2013

queen b.

hello beautiful people!

 maroon lace croptop- Topshop (gift from enxian)
hw jeans- city plaza
denim jacket- bkk
creepers- instashop
rainbow shades- shopunk
cheetah neckcandy- hurs

spaghetti top- *basic piece*
hw shorts- bugis street
oversized cardigan- FOX (boyfriend's)
neck candy- bkk
NB inspired shoes- instashop
pearl cat ears- belluvos

white tee- cotton on
chiffon maxi skirt- bugis street
suspender- talisman's
tartan socks- daiso
bag- bugis street
gold chain- cotton on
hat- sister's

(night time ootd)
white tee- cotton on
denim skirt- Malaysia
quilted bag- bkk
jelly sandals- instashop

white collar top- bugis street
mickey sweater- HK Disneyland (gift from godma 5years ago hahah)
Skorts- bkk
bag- bugis street
dr. martens
Gold chain- cotton on

top- flea market
HW shorts- Forever 21
creepers- instashop
gold chain- cotton on
circle shades- talisman's

top/dress (i wore it backwards)- bkk
zara skorts- instashop
oversized vest- flea market
bag- bugis street
sandals- zara


we went to celebrate my mum birthday one day in advance!
& we decided to settle for the little fish shop at NEX.

& when i saw Sashimi on the menu, i scream to order it immediately! <3 

super love the rice underneath all this yummy goodness that i don't eat 
(i don't like seafood ): *except for some*)

after dinner, we had dessert! *my idea, cos.... I WANT BASKIN ROBBINS!
*& yes, we took the ice-cream in replacement of cake!

but then, by the time my mum came down after grocery shopping, the ice cream was alr half gone
*the ice cream was melting k... :/

how i look like in class..

can't even rmb when this photo was taken!

*im a human too, i have doublechinzz*

rongrong wanted to jump off the bridge.. :I
nah jk.

this is what happen when you show cherie too much love :I


couple socks with my peanut <3

 after school rush over to compass point to get my 'soon to be' new phone.
& ate lunch with charm!
& then we went to my place!
jy came over too~

spend like 4 hours trying to 'fix' the phone & finally did it,
guess what, while i was busy 'fixing' my phone,
the two sleepyhead were sleeping on my bed zzzzz..
decided to head out for dindinz, 
jy went home early, so charm & i opt for simple dinner at toast box!
the mee rubus sucked. (:

after school, met up with le girls, for.... 

xian came & join us too, late late~

went school early to finish up screen printing~
can you all guess what is it?
the theme is Singapore!
if you guess it right, you will win a..... nothing. haha

so tmr, i will be starting on new assignments that require us to knit!
so i decided to 'learn' it first~

went out with my boy to bugis to walk walk.
had a really tough time deciding what to eat
end up we had dinner at laksania~

after dinner, we rush off to the cathay to watch.... HUNGER GAMES (again for me)
with trevor, ryan & zq!
can't get bored of it!!

bib bibb, thats all for my week~
how about yours?


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